Birmingham Subdivisions by HDC

Homeowners Development Corporation (HDC) started actual operations on January 1984 with its first project, sold-out in six(6) months, MADONNA HOMES, located at the back of the Central Catholic Church at Brgy. San Andress Cainta. Most of the HDCs' projectss are located in Rizal province and accessible for the HDC management to supervise and completed due to it's proximity to existing developments and communities. It's late chairman, Atty. Jose C. Hernandez, being a local and a government official of Rizal province then, Vice Governor of Rizal from 1980-1986 gives the company credibility, integrity and an image of honesty ang good service for it's target market.


HDC sees to it that the projects are located within developed and existing populated communities of the town/cities as this type of location gives HDC projects distint advantages and premium over the over real estate projects in terms of price, demand and affordability. Though the sizes of the projects are 1-4 hectares, they are also developed with almost the same type of amenities comparable with larger projects of other bigger developers

LOCATIONS OF THE PROJECTS ARE ALL FLOOD-FREE and free of from any squatters, tenants and unauthorized occupants. The projects are located far from squatters, garbage dumps, piggeries and factories.

One of the keys to the continued growth, stability and success of the HDC is the ability of the managements to determine the correct product mix for the particular target market and tap the most affordable buyers' financing institutions can offer.

While other real estate companies have suffered heavy losses and cash flow problems, HDC remains financially viable and liquid since 1984 as shown in the track record of repayment of loan obligations to banks and to other third parties. Immediate action and determination to survive and grow in these trying times have kept HDC strong and healthy. Management attentions to detail with solutions and good public relations have also been good corporate traints of the company.

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